A Different Kind of Fireproof ACM Cladding Partner

Kingwins is the first Fireproof ACM Cladding Partner in the mainland of China

Kingwins is committed to solving a series of problems in the production, processing, and installation of interior and exterior fireproof  Aluminum wall cladding materials for customers. 

> Why Kingwins

An Experienced Fireproof ACM Cladding Partner

Kingwins is the first Fireproof ACM Cladding Partner in mainland of China, that is designed to make Fireproof Aluminum Cladding Materials manufacturing for our customers. We can produce, process, deepen-design wall cladding panels, and do a lot more. We offer a range of fireproof cladding materials and services.

As the processional Fireproof Aluminum Cladding Partner, for any market or industry, one call brings it all! From design, produce to processing, we are ready to help you clad your building.

fireproof aluminum cladding panel

Testimonials from Kingwins' Partners

Kingwins helped me out with my project. They've made every single piece of the product correctly nice-looking. A positive experience of cooperating with Kingwins.
David Tompson
Brand Manager
I was absolutely pleased to find Aluminum panles need from Kingwins. The products look good and reliable. Besides, their lead time was short and delivery was fast.
Eric Ottoman
Purchase Manager
 Our Factory

4.0 Automation Production Line

All of our Aluminum cladding panels are designed, manufactured, processed, and packaged in our factory located in China. Kingwins offers fireproof Aluminum core composite panels by using advanced forming and plant equipment.

With our ISO certified plant and production machines, we help you build your fireproof cladding by reducing your costs, and improving your productivity.  

Quality Control

A Strict Fireproof ACM Cladding Partner Quality Control System

Kingwins is enjoyed and recommended by our overseas clients and has
been widely used in city-building and renovation for such a long time. The
outstanding achievement is attributed to our strict quality control

In order we could constantly deliver our aluminum panels of superb quality to our clients, the production and delivery of every order are strictly implemented by our 3 steps of the QC process: IQC, IPQC, OQC. 

quality control for acm production
aluminum panels testing
Lab Center

Innovative design & test center

At kingwins, we are passionate about innovation and creativity in wall panel materials, investing time and effort in researching what is important and loved by builders and owners and pushing the limits of what we can technically achieve. All these qualities have made us the leading innovative building materials company in China.

All above, is a strong history of growth for the Fireproof ACM Cladding Partner

Since 1993, our company has transformed into a true specialist in manufacturing aluminum sheets. In the past 30 years, Kingwins has grown to be the leader and the leader in the fireproof aluminum sheet industry in China. And we are looking forward to the next milestone.