A Different Kind of Fireproof ACM Cladding Partner

Kingwins is committed to solving a series of problems in the production, processing and installation of interior and exterior fireproof wall cladding materials for customers

Feeding The Fires & Surface Of Innovation of Cladding

At kingwins, we are passionate about innovation and creativity in wall panel materials, investing time and effort in researching what is important and loved by builders and owners and pushing the limits of what we can technically achieve. All these qualities have made us the leading innovative building materials company in China

We are constantly embracing new technologies and developing new techniques and materials to provide our customers with a more diverse selection of wall cladding surfaces. We put new technologies and materials into production after they have been tested by various laboratory testing devices and have met the standards. 

aluminum fireproof wall cladding panel

Testing Devices for Cladding Panels

These devices are not only prepared for the innovation & creativity of wall panel material but also play a very important role in the sampling and full inspection of large production.

When a new surface/innovative material is developped, our lab center will make a series of testing to make sure it will be perfect in production.Thus, for all the production panels, small samples will be cut into small piece and tested the following items to make sure our sincere customers will get high-quality panels from Kingwins.

Color Difference
Adhesive Strength
Flexural Strength

Get Testing Data

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