What is Aluminum Non-combustible Panel?

structure of aluminum non-combustible panel

Aluminum Non-combustible Panel (ANP) is a decorative building material that can be widely used in all types of external construction and internal structures. It is made of three layers of all Aluminum bonded to each side by Dupont poly film and can be available in 2.5-5.0mm thickness.

Due to the whole-aluminum structure, ANP is A2 fire safety and passed AS1530, BS476-6/7, ASTM-E84, EN13501. You can choose our panels for where non-combustibility and fire resistance is needed


drawing of the core

The inspiration for our products (cladding panels) was from the mechanic’s principle of an arch bridge. Meanwhile, the aluminum core shape is one big water drop surrounded by six small ones, like ‘egg carton type’ to transfer the bending stress to pressure stress through a horizontal force to increase the anti-pressure ability. This creativity can enhance flatness and aesthetic perception.


All Series of Aluminum Non-combustible Panel

solid aluminum cladding panel, aluminum non-combustible panel

ANP-Solid Color

wooden aluminum cladding panel

ANP-Wooden Color

stone aluminum cladding panel

ANP-Stone Color

brushed color aluminum panel

ANP-Brushed Color

shinningaluminum cladding panel

ANP-Shinning Series

aluminum fireproof cladding panel



A Grade Fire Safety

Passed A Grade Fireproof test and SGS test from domestic and international professional organizations.

Windload Resistance

Refer to mechanics principle of an arch bridge, high strength wind pressure, soundproof and heat resistance.


Good Flatness, Light (1/3 of Aluminum Solid Panel at the same thickness)

Rich In Color

Uniform coating, colorful, can replace stone or wood.

Weather Resistance

Adapt to - 40 degrees to 80 degrees, non-discoloring, and no delamination up to 20 years


Whole Aluminum, 100% recyclable, Eco-Friendly, Zero-Formaldehyde.

Certificates & Test Reports

AS1530 certificate for aluminum non-combustible panel


sgs report for aluminum panel


sgs report for aluminum panel


BS test report for building material

BS 476-6

BS fireproof test report for aluminum non-combustible panel

BS 476-7

Physical Testing under ASTM & EN standard.

Want to Know More about Aluminum Non-combustible Panel?

fireproof aluminum composite panel

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