A Different Kind of Fireproof ACM Wall Cladding Partner

Kingwins is committed to solving a series of problems in the production, processing and installation of interior and exterior fireproof aluminum wall cladding materials for customers

Kingwins located to produce wall cladding in Guangdong, China

Successfully serving the industries of wall aluminum claddings together with the home decoration. Kingwins has a high reputation since founded in 1993.

We focus on the development of ecological environmental materials. We started up with Aluminum Composite Panel and expertise on building materials and their processing/installation way. Step by step we have developed and innovated the new decoration material called “Aluminum Non-combustible panel” which has a lot of advantages: A Grade Fire Safety, Rich in Color, Windload Resistance, Weather Resistance, Recyclable, etc.

It can be widely used in the exterior wall aluminum cladding/interior decoration/ceiling.

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Wall Cladding in Figures

Aluminum core composite panel consists of all-aluminum manufacturing, power to support your projects

Factory Area
Product Capacity Per Day
Specialized Staff

Manufacturing Facilities of Wall Cladding from Kingwins

Sophisticated machines, related production equipment, and high-quality control have been our future-proof hardware strength ensuring reliable product output and a stable supply.

R&D department

Professional engineers make deepen design for your projects to calculate the usage quantity.

Mechanical arm

In the fully automatic production line, transporting to the next step after the panel is cut. Fully automatic operation is faster and more convenient

4.0 automation production line

The production line can produce more than 100 kinds of  fireproof aluminum cladding panels of different specifications and models, increasing production efficiency by 400%.

Lab test

By using our color spectrometer to analyze the color kept in a file in the lab. Also to inspect gloss, thickness, hardness, adhesive strength, flexural strength on PVDF coating of the sample.